Expo Mom 2014 raises funds for Kinder Project

Through your support and generosity during the last EXPO MOM 2014 held at Glorietta, Makati, we were able to raise, through Expo Mom entrance fees and donations, a total of P103,955.00 - 100% of which will be going to The KINDER PROJECT. The Kinder Project is a non profit organization focused on providing opportunities and materials for literacy among grade school children.

The Kinder Project

The Kinder Project founders have selected two schools which will receive reading kits and teacher training through the founder and volunteers of The Kinder Project. The two schools are Lupang Pangako Elementary School (district 2) and Balara Elementary School (district 3) Quezon City. These will be our pilot schools and will start off with a free 3-day workshop for the teachers. Turnover will be scheduled within the month of August.

Below is the video from their first pilot school turnover held last May:

If you would like to join us during the turnover, please send us an email at momshare@mommymundo.com. To know more about The Kinder Project, check them out on Facebook.

Thank you for your continued trust and generosity.