Mom Finds at Expo Mom Holiday

Moms are naturally picky when shopping for themselves and the whole family. With so many choices available, we’ve become more discerning in choosing products that we and our little ones use daily. We rely on our research, mom reviews, and the firsthand experiences of our besties before bringing something home.



When it comes to finding mom picks, Expo Mom helps take a little guesswork out of the equation. With ten years of experience, and counting, we continue to be the go-to event for parents and parents-to-be


Expo Mom Holiday happened last November 10-12 at the Glorietta Activity Center. We scoured aisles of products to find the latest finds for moms and the little ones. Here’s a rundown of our favorites:

Play Time Ideas

Your child’s room is like a never-ending story of playtime, making-a-mess-time, and clean-up time. Nurture your desire to turn the room into a fun learning space with these finds:



We’re loving the wooden toys from Discovery Depot. Trix Track, made by Wonderworld, challenges creativity by building his or her own tracks. It’s a fun experience putting the ball at the top, then watching it work its way through ups and downs. Discovery Depot also had wooden vegetables that you can cut up, toy cars, and even toys for pre-school kids.



Reading is an intrinsic part of learning. Urban Mom’s books and charts are made of cloth and contain small activities your kids will enjoy. Your baby can hear, see, and feel the book with its unique textures. Plus, they’re sturdy enough for heavy duty biting and occasional bath-times.

Toys made of natural materials like wood or cloth help kids develop creativity and imagination. They also make moms happy because they are easy to clean, chemical-free, and sturdier than plastic.

Cool Carry-Alls

QROSE Buddy Bags are one of our latest additions to Expo Mom’s repertoire of products. Kids will love stowing their stuff in these backpacks!



These adorable bags are made of neoprene, so they’re ultra-lightweight, durable, and waterproof. All the bags are made distinct by their bright colors and fun designs. Owner Eilyn Tan shared that while QROSE Buddy Bags give a child a sense of ownership, they are also meant to give parents an easier time spotting the child in a crowd. Now that’s design with a purpose!

A Child’s Sanctuary

It was hard not to stop and admire the beautiful children’s furniture of La Petit Mamon. They customize kids’ storage solutions like toy shelves, dollhouses, and book cases inspired by Scandinavian design. These pieces are great additions to your child’s room, giving him or her a sense of ownership to their space. Plus, when playtime is done, La Petit Mamon will make pack-away time fun.


Sterilize Safely

After playtime is done, clean-up is next! Cleanliness is always on mommies’ mind, and technology has heard us loud and clear. Zapping germs have never been easier with the help of these products:



Sanitizing our kids’ toys, books, pillows, bed sheets, towels, shoes, and even mommy’s makeup, becomes fast and simple with the Aller Plasma Sterilization Box. This product uses room temperature plasma to kill bacteria on surfaces it comes in contact with. It’s safe, effective, and comes with a 1-year warranty. All you need to do is put toys, books, and even stuffed animals into the plastic bin, and they’ll be sterilized in 15 minutes.


Keeping the kitchen clean can be a daily struggle. It’s in our kids’ best interest to make sure baby bottles, feeding-ware, and utensils are completely clean, and for good reason. Haenim UV Sterilizers are effective and in eliminating harmful bacteria through its sterilizing power and drying capabilities. All you need to do is wash, rinse, load, and wait for the 30-minute cycle to finish.


In the hustle, bustle, and shuffle of everyday life, we need time to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of everyone else better. No matter what stage you are in your motherhood journey, here are some me-time finds you may want to put on your list.



We noticed how happy moms were while walking away with a purchase from Belly Bump Clothing. The maternity clothes were trendy and made of soft, comfortable fabric. This is definitely a brand to watch out for.



Meanwhile, breast feeding moms absolutely loved Loving Diana. Stylish, comfortable, and very soft nursing dresses were the highlight of the booth.



Photo credit: Mome Nursingwear

Mome Nursingwear was also a scene stealer. The brand provides nursing wear that helps mom breastfeed discreetly and comfortably outside the home.



Botanicals in Bloom’s Pure Essential Oil Collection can surely bring the most wonderful scents into your home. Just a few drops of pure essential oil in a diffuser can leave you calm and refreshed for a good amount of time.


Always Sunday is the latest beauty, cosmetic, and personal care line by Jenni and Aryanna Epperson. Together, they share their passion for skincare products that achieve bright, smooth, and healthy skin.



If there’s one thing every mom needs, it’s the perfect journal to get her through her checklist everyday. Keep yourself organized with our very own Mommy Mundo 24/7 Planner 2018.  We designed it especially for moms! It contains everything we need to make time for what matters most. In its pages, you can find a Child’s Info Sheet, a Meal Planning Page, Immunization Tracker, and more. It’s definitely a tool to help us stay on top of every detail of our family.

More to Come!

As always, Expo Mom continues to be the premiere venue to find products for every stage of your parenting journey.  And we're so excited to get our 2018 roadshow started soon. Mark your calendars and see you there!

  • Expo Mom Manila, May 18-20
  • Expo Mom Cebu, June 16
  • Expo Mom Bacolod, June 23
  • Expo Mom South, June 30
  • Expo Mom North, July 14-15
  • Expo Mom Davao, September 1 & 8
  • Expo Mom Central, September 14-16
  • Expo Mom North 2, October 6-7
  • Expo Mom CDO, October 20
  • Expo Mom Holliday, October 26-28


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