Set the Pace at Mommy Milkshake Run 2017


Mom and dad are a child's first teachers. They teach him his ABC's and 123's, how to put away his toys, and how to tie his shoelaces. But more than seeing their parents as mentors, children also look towards mom and dad when it comes to lifestyle habits. If mom and dad lead relatively sedentary lives, then the kids will take their cue and think nothing of plopping down with their gadget of the moment the whole day. So wouldn't it be wonderful if parents take the reins and get their families into healthy, active lifestyles? The benefits of committing to an active lifestyle are plenty including relieving stress for both kids and adults, avoiding health conditions caused by sedentary lives, and encouraging happy, positive feelings.

Parents with older kids can very well schedule gym sessions with them. But what about those with younger kids? Engaging in activities which interest everybody in the family is a good start. Throwing frisbees at the park is a good idea. Having light jogs or vigorous walks around the neighborhood are other options. Not only would these tasks get your kids started on the active lifestyle, you're also creating with them fun, happy memories.

Happy mom and daughter at the Mommy Milkshare Run last year

Run for fitness!

Everything's going to be okay when we get fit together!

Mommy Milkshake Run 2017 celebrates the pleasures of family bonding in a fun outdoor setting! Happening on March 12, 2017, Sunday, at the Bonifacio Global City, Mommy Milkshake Run gives families the chance to start getting fit together! Moms and dads, expectant moms and excited moms, tots and teenagers, lolos and lolas, and titos and titas are welcome!

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