Flip-flop Magic


A happy, vibrant energy ran through the Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 event as celebrity guests, members of the media, and Havaianas fans had lots of fun personalizing the world’s favorite flip-flops brand. It helped that the venue was adorned with pretty Havaianas installations from a hot air balloon decorated with hundreds of these Brazilian slippers to floral bouquets of colorful flip-flops. Refreshments were a-plenty too—fruit drinks and punches, delicious cupcakes, and scrumptious sandwiches. These elements made putting together your own Havaianas such an enjoyable experience. hav-spin

Of course, the piece de resistance came when the assemblers trooped inside the venue, and started piecing together the participants’ creations right before their eyes. The excitement was palpable as the assemblers made many a Havaianas dream combination come true! Dan Matutina’s glow-in-the-dark commemorative pair proved to be very popular. The Dan Matutina + Havaianas pair came in carbon blue sole, featuring spacemen with space markers connecting the stars to form images. A lot of the guests ended up getting more than one pair!

tweety-hav Tweetie de Leon Gonzales

lexi-georgia-hav Lexi and Georgia Schulze

piam-hav Maxene and Pia Magalona

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Photos from Havaianas Philippines