Four Delightful Ways to Bond With Your Child


Children grow up so fast. That's why it's important for their parents to spend as much time with them as possible. There are many delightful ways to bond with your children, which doesn't include budget-busting trips to the mall. You just need to be creative, resourceful, and willing to deposit in your children's love bank! Learn something new together. The increasing popularity of art and crafts has brought forth a variety of free workshops on anything and everything, from paper flower making to watercoloring and lettering. How about signing up for a class together? Check out the class schedules of your neighborhood crafts store or go through the websites of art-oriented organizations. The shared experience of learning something new together will strengthen the parent-child bond.

Go on a movie or TV series marathon. Who doesn't like watching movies? Movies take you to different places and transport you to different adventures, bringing out all sorts of emotions from happiness to excitement. Watching movies with your child will be even more special when you have a delicious snack on hand like Chips Delight. Chips Delights are cookies so yummy they make every bite you share with your child extra special. Watch this video and see how something as ordinary as watching television can be made extraordinary with Chips Delight.

Walk down memory lane. Children love hearing stories about how their parents were when they were growing up. Indulge your kids with such stories. Tell them about the time you played piko with your siblings or the day when you visited the zoo with your parents. It's always fun to reminisce about the days when you were young, and it's doubly fun to share those happy, carefree moments with your children.

Take a drive. The best bonding moments usually happen during everyday routines, especially during car trips. Kids love it inside the car because they have all your attention. They can talk, talk, talk, and you have no choice but to listen. Take advantage of these moments. Encourage your child to share, share, share, and make sure you talk about your everyday adventures as well. Make car rides even more special by having a snack handy like Chips Delight Cookies. Your child would be surprised no end when you take out a bag of Chips Delight Cookies from your purse. He'll definitely have more fun chattering away while he munches on these delicious cookies.

11) Coffee Caramel Chip

10) Triple Chocolate Overload Cookies

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9) Soft Brownie Cookies

7) Striped Cappuccino Cookies

5) Rainbow candy with Chocolate Chips

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2) Striped Chocolate Chip Cookies

1a) Chocolate Chip Cookies

6) Peanut and Caramel

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