Fresh, Fun, and Quirky Clothing for Kids!

silly-1.jpg As parents, our standards for health, safety, and happiness have gone way up the scale and our radar goes insane at the tiniest blip on our concerned parent screen. We are more discerning especially when it comes to the basics like food, water, and clothing. Nowadays, ordinary, mass-produced products just won’t do and if we could make things from scratch to ensure the quality of things that our kids touch and ingest, no doubt we would.

Knowing this, there’s a growing group of vendors who are ready to assure us of quality and the same high standards that we look for, without having to hand-stitch a single seam ourselves! Silly Monkey Clothing is a homegrown, all-Filipino brand that designs and lovingly hand-makes children’s clothes. Fresh, fun, quirky, and unique pieces for your little ones, Silly Monkey items are produced in limited quantities, as most of the pieces require hand-stitched finishing and details.

As with most handmade children’s clothes, every item goes under the scrutiny of the makers who take the extra time to make sure materials are of the best quality. Compared to mass-produced shop-bought products, everything is one-of-a-kind. You can even ask for customized details directly from the maker, like a different color, size, or an extra ruffle, perhaps. You can thus be sure that your kids’ personalities will be reflected in their clothing. In comfy cotton, Silly Monkey Clothing also helps keep the ecological footprint down by being locally made and sourced from eco-friendly suppliers.

Pick out your kids’ special shirts, dresses, onesies, and even hats at! You won’t regret a single quirky, fun stitch!

Silly Monkey Clothing was a recent participant at the Mommy Mundo Clearance Sale held last August 2013.

Photos from Silly Monkey Clothing.