Fun and Fanciful Ice Cream


Who doesn’t like ice cream?! It’s the best refreshment on a hot summer day, the perfect ending to any meal, and a much-awaited treat at birthday parties!

A big hit in the food market craze started by Mercato Centrale is Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream. You and your kids will love discovering their fun and fanciful flavors. Why so? Well, first they’re handmade and homemade, so you know that every scoop is prepared with love.


Second, Merry Moo is made from local dairy and the freshest local ingredients. Just take a look at their bestselling flavors—Sea Salt Caramel, Poprocks and Mallows, Earl Grey Tea, and Honeycomb. Don’t they make you go yum?


Other flavors include Milo, Candied Bacon, Honey Almond Choco, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry Basil, Coffee Kahlua, and French Vanilla.


If you’re interested in getting Merry Moo for your child’s party, it’s a good idea to contact them a week or so before the date; they need at least four days to prepare their cool flavors.

One gallon of ice cream is good for some 32 scoops. If you have 200 guests, you’ll need about six to seven gallons of ice cream.

Merry Moo’s party package requires a minimum order of P8,000; it includes cups and spoons for 200 guests, freezer, and staff to attend to the cart.

For more information, contact Kelvin Ngo, Chief Ice Cream Officer of Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream at 0917-5289590 or 633-3601.