Fun Kiddie Workouts


With kids so enamored of the digital world these days, it’s very likely that they’ll spend most of their summer days playing games or surfing the Internet. Well, there’s an exciting new kiddie workout routine that’s guaranteed to get children off those comfy couches.

Developed for kids three to nine years old, PlayGym is an exercise routine all jazzed up with fun and games. Instead of slow jogs to warm up, PlayGym has kids going through an obstacle course. The rest of the routine consists of about six to eight kid-friendly games, activities disguised as play but are actually sweat-inducing, muscle-stimulating sessions.

To make sure that your kids have the most fun, participants are limited to 10 kids per class. PlayGym classes will be held at Colegio de San Agustin in Makati and Celebrity Sports Plaza in Q.C.

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