Funny Men on Fatherhood


Being called Dad is truly an amazing thing. As these funny men would attest, being a father calls for a big dose of love, a dash of superpower, and a great helping of laughter. RJ Ledesma

RJ Ledesma wears many hats. He is not only a humorous professional event and wedding host, bringing joy and laughter to every occasion, he is also a television personality and magazine editor, author and lifestyle columnist, and co-founder and organizer of Mercato Centrale. More importantly, he is a dad.

Tim Tayag Option 1

Tim Tayag is one of the pioneers of observational style standup comedy in the Philippines and Asia. He is known by many names: "Tim, Boss, Sir Teem, Plaintiff." These ladies, however, know him simply as Dad.

Gabe Mercado

Gabe Mercado is a familiar face on television, having starred in a number of commercials. He is also a performance artist at Silly People's Improv Theatre, TV host, and corporate trainer. He is a single dad to his son Beeto.

Peps Avecilla Option 1

Peps Avecilla is the force behind Party Paks, a special events supplier which helps moms make special occasions oh-so memorable. He is also a hilarious party host, beloved by kids and adults for his cool sense of humor.