Get Hugged Into Blissful Sleep

snug2.jpg I remember my third trimesters always felt like forever, trying to sleep at night and frustrated that I couldn’t find “the best spot” on the bed. With my preggy aches and pains and my ballooning tummy, it was a huge challenge trying to be comfortable even as I wedged pillows everywhere. However, just when I start sinking into sleep, a pillow would slide out of place and I’d be just as uncomfortable as I ever was. I was as big as a whale, heavier than ten elephants, and crankier than ever from all the lost sleep. Even finding a seat during the daytime was not any better, as pressure from my tummy and the baby gave me a really bad backache.

After giving birth, the next hurdle was the post-partum pain combined with trying to find a comfy breastfeeding position. I tried everything that was affordable and readily available at the time just to get by, but what I had really wanted was one of those specialized preggy body pillows that cost more than our budget would allow.

Nowadays, lucky Mamas would have less of a problem with all of that as my recent, new-found favorite Snug-A-Hug pillow had me wailing: “If I only had this three pregnancies ago!” If I did, I probably wouldn’t have the achy nights and “ngawit” days! The affordable and proudly Philippine-made Snug-A-Hug body pillow literally hugs you, giving you support and comfort from top to bottom. Curving around your body in a huge, elongated C-shape, it can also be used by babies, kids, the elderly and post-operative patients. It’s firm but flexible so you can even wrap it around your body or scrunch it up as a seat or back support.

I’m sure the preggies would love the many, many ways they can use the pillow! I love that it wedges my back and supports my neck and legs. I’m a hugger when I sleep, so even if I’m not preggy now, I really appreciate how soundly I sleep with this pillow. I still breastfeed too, minus the cramps while lying on my side in bed with the baby. The open side allows us to cuddle up while I’m cradled from the neck and back to my legs by the pillow.

Even the kids love it! My three-year-old gurgles that she’s being hugged by the curly pillow, my five-year-old treats it like a reading nest (if she’s not sleeping in it), and my one-year-old cuddles into it whenever it’s not being used by anyone else. Oh and let’s not forget the rest of my family staking claims on it whenever they can! It’s a good thing that it’s very durable and made from hypoallergenic materials, since it’s been getting a lot of mileage from the moment it landed in this household.—Laya G. Florendo

Check it out at! It comes with a free dust bag, comfy cottony cover, and it’s very easy to clean and maintain!