Gift Guide for Classmates


They are your children’s first friends. They learn together, play together, and share happy memories together. They are your children’s classmates, and they’d love to get any of these! Classmates final

1 HAIR BOWS These two-inch signature bows from Celestina & Co would look lovely on the locks of little girls. May be attached to headbands. P120 each at Celestina & Co

2 BOOKS Open their eyes to the world of exciting possibilities. Kids maybe all agog about the Internet, but there’s nothing like the feel of a real book to transport them to different realms. Titles from P425 each at Little Earth Tiddler

3 LUNCH BOX Available in different designs, these lunch boxes are not only fully insulated, they’ve got adjustable straps and note keepers too! P349 at Manila Baby Shop

4 PENCIL POUCHES Pencil, crayon, eraser, sharpener--they’ll make a happy home in this neat pencil pouch. P99 at Manila Baby Shop

5 SANDWICH BOX From Built NY is this handsome snack pack which comes with a BioKip lunch case and a Neoprene sleeve to keep your sandwich fresh. Sandwich container at P945 Available at all Rustan’s Department Stores and Howard’s Storage World

6 TEACHER-MADE TOYS From Number Cards and Color Beanies to Play Shirts and Color Popsicles, these toys were developed by teachers, which means they’re big on both fun and learning. From 250 each

Photographs: Bows from Celestina & Co, lunch box and puch from Manila Baby Shop, books from Little Earth Tiddler, toys from Teacher Made Toys