Healthy Blend Great for Kids

bayani-brew2.jpg I believe that food should be our medicine and since I wanted my kids to grow up healthy, conventional processed food was out of the question. So when I first heard about Bayani Brew from my Mom, a GK supporter and advocate for all things environmental, I was ever the skeptic. I rarely even served the kids grocery store juices, let alone iced teas that I felt were too sugary. It gave them unbelievably high levels of energy only to crash really badly later on. It was still called Enchantea, after the Bulacan GK Enchanted Farm, and GK was still testing the market for it.

However, my Mom assured me that she’s tasted it and the ingredients would also be good for the kids as it was brewed from an interesting mix of lemongrass, duhat, pandan, avocado, and calamansi. I was pleasantly surprised at the unique, refreshing taste and there was none of the sticky after-taste that leaves you thirstier than ever. The kids also couldn’t have enough of it, without the sugar melt-down (whew!).

Now in a bigger bottle, I’m happy GK stuck to the healthy, all-natural idea of the original brew. The “official drink of nation-builders,” there’s also a new brew called the Purple Leaf Tea made with kamote leaves that gives it a purple color and refreshing, unique taste.—Laya

Try it out at the Enchanted Farm Café on Unit 2A, 463 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines or order it from

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