Healthy Made Easy

sleaf-wraps.jpg Making healthy choices for your family is sometimes incredibly difficult. With so many fun-flavored snacks, delicious processed treats, and enticing fast food choices in the market, it’s so easy to give in. You can just grab a bunch of ready-to-eat packs or dial up delivery and you’re good to go! After all, who has time to cook anything from scratch these days?! Fortunately, there are a growing number of establishments dedicated to giving Filipino families healthier food options.

Sugarleaf Organic Market & Café answers the urban mom’s need for fresh-from-the-farm produce as well as her family’s craving for delicious, healthy meals. Its all-day dining menu features a diverse selection of dishes that both kids and grownups would love. Served with baked gluten-free soy chips, Sugarleaf’s tasty sandwiches feature a variety of fillings from Kesong Puti and Spanish Sardines to Smoked Blue Marlin and Iberico Chorizo. The café also offers fresh home-made pasta, vegetarian soup, and wraps. The cakes and cookies—Kefir Cheesecake, Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti, and Macadamia Pie—are prepared with natural sweeteners so that they’re safe for diabetics. These dishes are best eaten together with Sugarleaf’s refreshing selection of juices and smoothies.

While the kids enjoy their pasta, you can browse over Sugarleaf’s luscious picks over at the market. Even the most reluctant of cooks would not be able to resist the high quality of organic products here. Brussel sprouts and blueberries, fennel and cherry tomatoes—they’re all here alongside baskets of carrots, cabbages, spinach, and squash. Don’t forget to get some free-range chicken, kefir milk, and organic highland rice as well as some home-made dressings and air-dried tea.

And every month or so, Sugarleaf facilitates workshops on organic farming, healthy cooking, and juicing. For more information, go to