Help for Bedtime Accidents


While your kids are still potty training, nighttime “accidents” are bound to happen, resulting in wet beds, cranky toddlers, and sleep-deprived parents doing their best to change the sheets. Placing a plastic covering under the sheets can save the mattress from getting all damp and stinky. However, this usually translates into a bit of “flooding” situation in the bed—and that is definitely not good. You don’t want your little one to sleep in a soaking bed, right? A mom from New Zealand who was experiencing the same sort of problems decided to do something about it, and invented Brolly Sheets.


Comprised of an all-cotton top and a waterproof backing, Brolly Sheets are bed liners that protect beds from nighttime accidents. More importantly, they will make sure that your child continues to sleep soundly as every sheet has an absorbent middle layer that can hold up to a half gallon of liquid. Just tuck the flaps under the mattress, and you and your kids can enjoy a good night’s sleep!


And by the way, the sheets are perfectly reusable. Just put them in the wash, dry them out, and they’re ready to go once again.

For more information on Brolly Sheets, go to, e-mail, or call 0917-819-3386.