Helping Kids Learn Chinese


I checked out Little Pim’s Chinese language video, and it looked like it could engage a baby, a toddler, and maybe even some five-year-olds. I noticed on the preview video that some phrases and words were shown or repeated a couple of times, which I guess helps viewers absorb the concept and familiarize themselves with the sound. LP distrify

For parents who don’t mind TV or video exposure early on, this looks like a good way to help your child learn a second or third language. It looked more entertaining and interesting than the other videos I’ve bought to help my daughter learn Chinese. Also, the accompanying guide would be helpful for adults to learn the language at same time as their children. I can actually see myself absorbing the Chinese words along with my daughter.

Plus, their web site also offers activities that could help teach preschoolers more Chinese words. I could see the interactive coloring pages helping my daughter absorb more Chinese words in a fun, less stressful way than school.


Would I buy it? Yes, I would! The price looks about the same as the one I paid for the other video set that I got for my daughter.—Candice Yaw

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