Hipster Baby Names


It's probably one of the most confounding issues you'll ever have to face in your life: What are you going to name the baby?! Time was when parents named their little ones after saints and heroes. These days, baby-naming has become a much-anticipated event, coaxing moms and dads to look for the coolest names ever for their progenies: the hipper, the better, of course! So here, we've rounded up a listing of some of the most gorgeous-sounding hipster baby names we could find. Happy hunting! 1. BRIXTON: We've got another British invasion! With actors Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, and Rosamund Pike getting nominated for Oscars, it's become so fabulously hip to be Brit again. Of course, Benedict Cumberbatch has long captured our hearts, so why not name your babe after a cool-sounding district of London, Brixton?

2. CADENCE: Music-loving moms and dads may just go for this nifty sounding word, which will definitely make you sway to the rhythm. Cadence, by the way, traces its origins from the Italian word cadenza and Latin word cadentia. We could literally hear the drums beating.

3. CALE: It's not only the hippest veggie at the weekend market, but Cale is also a happy name which means thin and slender in Gaelic, and strong and manly in Hawaiian.

4. EVERLY: A lovely name which harks back to the ways of Old English, it actually means grazing meadow. It made a splash in the '60s via the singing duo The Everly Brothers, and made a comeback via Channing Tatum, who named his daughter with Jenna Dewan Everly.

5. FINLEY: Here's a whimsical name, which means fair-haired warrior in Gaelic. How absolutely romantic! Lisa Marie Presley has a daughter by that name, and so does Angie Harmon.

6. HOLDEN: Wouldn't it be just fabulous to name your child after one of the most famous names in English literature? Mira Sorvino and Rick Schroder have both named their sons after Holden Caulfield of J.D. Salinger's “Catcher in the Rye.” You'd be pleased to know as well that Holden means “deep valley.”

7. JASPER: A modern derivative of Gaspar, one of the three wise men who brought gifts to baby Jesus, Jasper was also a favorite among members of the royal family of England. Famous Jaspers include American painter and printmaker Jasper Johns and English fashion designer Jasper Conran.

8. LAZLO: This name has the makings of a corporate overlord. Indeed, it's so easy to picture your little Lazlo leading a multinational conglomerate. By the way, Lazlo means glorious ruler in Hungarian.

9. MAGNOLIA: What a pretty name, Magnolia! That it's the name of the daintily-petaled and handsomely fragrant Magnolia flower only adds to its hipster quotient.

10. OTIS: Here's another name that instantly commands attention, and maybe the fact that it means wealth and fortune in German has something to do with it! American soul singer Otis Redding is probably the most famous Otis, and it's not surprising that it has caught on among other artists including singer Bryan Ferry and actress Olivia Wilde who named their sons Otis.

11. TALLULAH: This is one of those names with a nice little ring to it, evoking bucolic images of wild flowers and open fields. It's a Native American name, which means leaping waters.

12. ZINNIA: Another cool name which comes from the colorful flowers of the Aster family. It is so destined to be named after a beautiful wild child!