H&M Children's Collection for WWF


Children have a natural liking for animals. Going to the zoo delights them no end. Watching documentary features of animals in the wild thrills them. And at an early age, a lot of them request for a furry pet to take care of.

Unfortunately, some of their animal friends are facing a variety threats including habitat loss, water pollution, and the impact of climate change.

H&M WWF Partnership




H&M, in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, hopes to shine the spotlight on the plight of these precious creatures with the launch of its latest children's collection. WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organizations. Its mission is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

In the H&M children's collection, different species such as the finless porpoise, panda, polar bear, snow leopard, and tiger take centerstage.  There are  easy to wear organic cotton-based items such as long sleeve sweaters and T-shirts. There are also dresses, tights, trousers, and pajamas. Made for babies and kids 0 and 14 years old, they're available in H&M stores worldwide and online starting September 29, 2016.

Hoping to inspire people all over the world to care for the planet, some of the items feature inspiring messages like “Roar for wildlife,” “Protect my habitat,” or “Let’s go wild.” Beige, blue, grey, and off-white dominate the collection, emphasizing the realistic portrayal of the species.

Ten percent of the sales price of the collection will support WWF’s work in conserving species at risk.

H&M's transformational partnership with WWF started in 2011. Its other projects focus on water stewardship and climate action, as well as strategic dialogue related to both H&M’s and the fashion industry’s broader sustainability challenges.

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