Holiday Hair Essentials You Need

As happy as the month of December is, the merry-making season can make moms feel stressed with its jam-packed schedule. Gift shopping, Christmas parties, and planning celebrations add to mom’s long list of things-to-do, leaving her needing a vacation after the holidays. Admit it. We may be tired, but we still need to look cool, calm, and picture-perfect at every occasion. Unfortunately, holiday stress doesn’t just impact our mental and physical health, it also damages our hair. You may notice more hair lying around after you shower and when you brush your hair.

Brush the stress away

There’s an old-fashioned hair care tip that tells you to brush your hair 100 times for beautiful tresses. Some part of this is true. Brushing will help promote hair health and keep those locks shiny and strong. The secret isn’t in the number of times you brush your hair, it’s in using the right tools. The wrong kind of hairbrush is bad news. The wrong type of bristles cause friction on hair leading to damage and breakage. That leads to frizzy, lack-luster hair.

Investing in the right hair brush is key to fabulous hair no matter how busy the season gets. And when it comes to Denman, you simply can’t go wrong. It is a renowned brand trusted by hair stylists around the world. For the past 80 years and across 60 countries worldwide, it has been known for its exceptional standards of quality, performance, and innovation.

There’s one made for you

Denman leaves your hair looking like you’ve been styled by a professional hairdresser. Known as “the hairdressers’ hairbrush”, it comes in a wide range of brushes that offer comfortable grip and ergonomic  designs. No matter how your hair type and length, there’s a Denman brush that’s going to create your own lustrous hair style.

There’s the popular traditional range designed with the anti-static rubber pad. It is the perfect tool for blow-drying, smoothing, shaping, and polishing hair.

Denman offers combs and brushes with handles made from different materials such as durable plastic and beech wood.

There are special pieces designed with vent cushion and radial bristles.

Denman even has a line specifically designed for kids. These brushes remove tangles with gentle, smooth ball-ended pins for added comfort.

You don’t have to be a professional to handle a Denman. Its wide array of combs and brushes make it perfect for everyday use.

The Professionals’ choice

Denman is the choice hair brush of celebrity stylists worldwide. They’ve found their perfect tool for their trade, trusting Denman to create magic in their client’s hairs.

Denman Ambassadors Lourd Ramos, Anton Papa and Jonathan Velasco

Mommy Mundo Founder Janice Villanueva with Denman models

Now, the secret’s out! There’s a way to get that perfect maine now matter how hectic our everyday schedule gets. Trust Denman to get that job done!