Why Honey Should Be Part of Your Family Meals


If there's one thing that you should always keep in your pantry, it's honey. It's quite versatile as an ingredient, adding excitement to both sweet and savory dishes, from glazed ham and honey chicken to fruit salad and cheesecake. But more than making family dinners more delicious, honey can contribute to the health and well-being of your loved ones.

Langnese Pure Honey Bee

At the Philippine launch of Germany's leading brand of honey, Langnese, dietitian and nutritionist Cheshire Que says that not only is honey energy food for the brain, it also helps fights allergies and is a good cough suppressant. It helps wounds heal faster because of its antimicrobial properties. Plus, a good night's sleep is what you'll have with the aid of honey, she says.

Unfortunately, not all honey brands are created equal. In a study of the physical and chemical characteristics of commercial honey spearheaded by Cleofas R. Cervancia, professor emeritus at the University of the Philippines-Los Banos, it was revealed that a good number of brands have high moisture content and high sucrose levels. Shoppers thus need to be more discerning and discriminating.

Langnese Honey, the most popular brand of honey in Europe, is known far and wide for its purity. A family-owned brand, Langnese Honey is a reputable market leader with a seal of approval from Germany’s Honey Ordinance and European Standard Basic Principles that strictly requires the safest and unadulterated quality. Its name is a seal of guarantee that nothing is added nor removed from it.

Langnese Wild Lavender Blossom Honey

What makes Langnese different from other brands is its serious commitment to quality and purity. According to Mark Baumgärtner, Langnese export manager, more than 500 quality control tests are conducted every day at its facilities. The organization also contracts external laboratories to ensure a very high quality standard for Langnese Honey. Suffice it to say that Langnese has garnered certifications from a wide variety of international organizations.

Langnese Honey comes in five flavors. Acacia, which is mildly sweet and subtle, is the ultimate breakfast companion, giving character to teas, cereals, and desserts. Golden Clear offers a sweet antidote to dips, salads, cocktails, and hot drinks. Black Forest's lusciousness gives more zest to both straightforward and flashy recipes. Wild Flower is great for sweetening all types of food and beverage and makes breads and pastries tastier and healthier. Lavender is a great partner for all types of beverages and makes for a sumptuous spread on breads.

And here's a glorious extra: its honey dispenser technology guarantees no drip and no stickiness in every serving!

At the launch, Marriott Hotel Manila Executive Chef Meik Brammer prepared a delicious salad that moms can easily prepare at home. Here's the recipe!


Chicken Avocado Salad with Langnese Spiced Acacia Honey Dressing


  • 300 grams chicken fillet
  • 4 tablespoons Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 to 2 pieces of red chili
  • 4 tablespoons Langnese Acacia Honey
  • 1 piece shallots
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons lime juice
  • 1 small piece of arugula
  • 1 small radicchio (about 180 grams)
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 50 grams salted roasted peanuts


  • Wash the chicken breast and tap dry with tissue, season with salt and pepper. Pan-fry the chicken breast with 2 tablespoons of oil for about 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Wash the chili and clean thoroughly, cut it lengthwise and de-seed, chop finely. Add the Langnese Acacia Honey. Set aside and let cool.
  • Chop the shallots. Take out the chicken from the pan and brush all over with the chili honey. Put oil on the pan and sauté the shallot until translucent and mix it with the remaining chili honey. Add 2 tablespoons of oil, lime juice, and salt to taste.
  • Clean the arugula and the radicchio. Peel the avocado and de-seed. Slice the avocado and mix thoroughly with the salad and honey dressing. Cut the chicken in strips and put on top of the salad.
  • Finish off with the coarsely chopped peanuts.

Langnese Honey is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation and is available in supermarkets nationwide.