A First-Time Mom’s Checklist: Hospital Bag Essentials For Your Big Day

One of the things you need to do when you reach your 34th week of pregnancy is pack your hospital go-bag. 

This is the bag you’ll pick up in a rush should you go into labor in the middle of the night, so it has to have everything but the kitchen sink! 

Here is a checklist for all the essentials you need for labor, delivery, and going home. 

I. Labor

•    Bath robe, socks, slippers
•    Toiletries (don’t forget vaginal wash), grooming essentials, wash cloth, light jacket, wrap
•    Lip lubricant since you’ll be doing a lot of breathing through your mouth. 
•    Hair clips or hair ties
•    Gelatin, lollipops, or hard candies so your mouth doesn’t get so dry. 
•    Eye glasses
•    Cellphone and charger
•    Camera with batteries
•    Things that can distract you like a book, magazine, or e-reader.
•    Baby book, childbirth class certificate

II. Documents/Medical Information

When you’re wheeled into the hospital, you’ll be asked for your medical history and relevant information. You can prepare all these beforehand so you or your hubby can hand them out as needed. 

* Doctor’s admitting order indicating that you allow your partner to be with you during labor and delivery. 

* Relevant documents such as medical insurance ID, Philhealth forms, marriage certificate.

Pioneering childbirth educator Rome Kanapi advises parents to prepare an information sheet containing the following information: 
•    Your name, blood type, and Rh factor. Include your partner’s information too. 
•    Last menstrual period
•    Expected date of delivery
•    How old you were when you had your first period. 
•    If you are regular or irregular in menstruation. 
•    The number of sanitary pads you use on heavy days.
•    History of your pregnancy. 
•    Allergies
•    Illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, etc. 
•    Results of pregnancy tests: urinalysis, ultrasounds, CBC, FBS, Bio-Physical Profile, Congenital Anomaly Scan, etc. 
•    Vitamin supplements you are taking. 
•    Declare if you smoke or if you drink alcohol.
•    Name of attending obstetrician and pediatrician

III. For Delivery

•    Night gown or pajamas. Opt for nursing nightgowns if you are breastfeeding. 
•    Nursing bras and bra pads. 
•    Underwear
•    Postpartum girdles or support wraps
•    Maternity Pads
•    Newborn clothes
•    Swaddling blanket
•    Diapers
•    Going home clothes for you and baby

IV. For Dad

When it comes to your hospital bag, you’re not just packing for two, you’re thinking for three! 

Make sure to pack clothes, extra cash, and snacks for him. He’ll be glad you did! 

There’s no need to stress about packing! The key is to start early so you won’t have to give it extra thought as your due date approaches. 

Packing your hospital go-bag is part of your journey towards the big day, so enjoy it. Your baby will be in your arms in no time!