Hours of Kiddie Fun with McDonald’s The Angry Birds Happy Meal


Happiness can come in a box, specially when you’re a kid and you’re a big fan of The Angry Birds. The Angry Birds, one of the most popular video games in the world, is now a movie and comes with its very own McDonald’s Happy Meal. There are ten Angry Birds Happy Meal toys that your kids can enjoy: Light-Up Red, Speedster Chuck, Lasso Pig, and slingshot launchers featuring Red, Bomb, Stella, Terence, Leonard, Cowboy Pig, and Pilot Pig.

Each toy comes with its own set of surprises. Press the button on top of Light-Up Red’s head, and you’ll see him become bright red and move his eyebrows up and down. Pull back Chucky to wind up, and he’ll speed his way on the floor. Lasso Pig’s lasso spins round and round when you push the button on his back. The seven other toys come with a slingshot launcher and a target, just like in the video game. Some of the targets are eggs while the others are pigs. Your child can play with each toy individually, or in groups giving more excitement to playtime.

Plus, there’s more! By scanning a ‘BirdCode’ printed on the Happy Meal Box, your child can unlock a mini-game in the ‘Angry Birds Action!’ app. The objective of the mini-game is to defend McDonald’s from the green pigs. When your child logs in a high score, he gets rewarded with free power-ups. To activate the secret game, open the app, click on the BirdCode-enabled icon, and scan the code.

McDonald’s is also offering three Angry Birds-themed desserts for a limited time. Red’s Cotton Candy McFlurry is a vanilla soft-serve ice cream with cotton candy-flavored syrup and sprinkled with wafer bits. Piggies’ Oreo Matcha McFlurry is sprinkled with crushed Oreo and mixed with matcha gree-tea flavored bits. Bomb’s Black Sesame McDip is vanilla soft-serve ice cream in a cone enveloped in a black sesame-flavored coating.

The McDonald’s Angry Birds Happy Meal and Desserts are available in all stores nationwide and through the McDo PH App. Share your Angry Birds Happy Meal experience on McDonald’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and using the hashtag #McDoHappyMeal.