How to Take Instagram-worthy Family Photos


Moms love taking photographs of their loved ones: their babies sleeping, their toddlers walking about, their hubbies playing hide and seek with the kids. Their hearts brim with so much love for their family that they want to freeze frame every Instagram-worthy moment! But there are good photos, and there are great photos, and of course, you'd want to take great-looking ones! Here are some suggestions to get you started:

louie4 Snap away, anytime and anywhere! You don't have to wait for the perfect moment to take the perfect shot; the perfect shot can actually happen anytime, anywhere. It's all about capturing the moment, and not necessarily the image. You don't have to wait for special occasions to bring out your camera and snap away. Lovely, heartwarming moments happen every day-- while you're happily giving your baby a bath, while your teenaged son is having fun as he plays with his little brother, or while your husband whistles away as he prepares breakfast. Feel all the feelings, and go with the flow. You'll end up taking breathtakingly beautiful pictures.

louie3 Get up close and personal. Usually, we take photos from a distance, wanting to capture the environment as well as our beloved subject. But as a fun experiment, why don't you zoom in? Get really close, and see what happens. You'll have amazingly detailed shots which show off the very essence of your beloved's personality. If you're shooting babies and toddlers, get on all fours, and start snapping away. By going down to the eye level of your subjects, you'll have a different point of view, which could produce awesome images.

loiue-2 Use objects around you. Have a bit of fun by using everyday objects to add another layer of character to your photographs. Take photographs by the stairs or strike up a pose on brightly colored chairs. Have your kids blow water bubbles, or get them standing on boxes. If you're on a road trip, make a quick stop and pose before interesting objects. The point is to bring out a different energy into your photographs.

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Photographs courtesy of Louie Arcilla