INDIGObaby Fashion at Expo Mom


INDIGObaby, a homegrown brand widely known for encouraging moms to breastfeed their babies and practice attachment parenting, has always come out with innovative products which make things easier for parents of today. At Expo Mom, INDIGObaby showed the audience how to wear two of their more popular products: the Boncho and the Hot Pocket Baby Pouch. INDIGObaby's Boncho is an uber cool breastfeeding poncho, which makes it convenient for moms to breastfeed anywhere. Plus, it may be worn in 14 amazing ways!

INDIGObaby's Hot Pocket Baby Pouch is a pouch sling, which allows moms and dads to bring their baby with them anywhere. This minimalist carrier gives your baby comfort and security as you hold him in a pod or postal carry.

As styled by Haute Couture, here's how you can wear the Boncho.... IMG_9878 ... as an off-shoulder blouse

IMG_9888 ... as a soft blouse with a cowl neckline

IMG_9893 ... as a soft drape

IMG_9885 ... as a backless halter top

IMG_9881 ... as a sleeved halter blouse

IMG_9867 ... as a vest

IMG_9863 ... as a wrap

IMG_9862 ... as an accent

IMG_9854 ... as a poncho

IMG_9853 ... as a shrug

IMG_9873 ... as a scarf

The Hot Pocket Baby Pouch can be worn in different ways too! You can wear this pouch...

IMG_9908 ... up front, on your side

IMG_9928 ... as a cradle for your baby

IMG_9926 ... so you can have face-to-face conversations with your babe

IMG_9920 ... to keep your hands free for other tasks

IMG_9911 ... so you can be up and about

IMG_9904 ... to put your babe to sleep

L1010702 The yummy mommies and daddies of INDIGObaby