Instantly Refreshed!


  I recently had a Honey Almond Polish Facial with Diamond Peel at Aesthetic Science, a medical-based cosmetic dermatology center.  I felt refreshed and the little pimples on my forehead disappeared after a few days. The facilities are clean and the ambiance quiet with the staff very professional and attentive.

They considered my skin condition (being aetopic) before they applied anything on my skin. They did skin tests for the treatments I wanted to try and said that if I didn’t react, I can come back for those treatments next time.

This is great and I appreciated it because my skin is overly sensitive and it really shows that they are a center that is medical in nature and not just a "pampering" place.

I’ll consider this for my monthly facial. I’ll even bring Coby for a Teen Clean Facial. And I want to go back for maybe a body scrub.--Janice


  Aesthetic Science also offers massage services...


 ... IPL treatments


 ... and Reiki Healing, an ancient form of alternative healing


Aesthetic Science

Tel: 809-8021/899-3643




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