ItsJudysLife: The Wonderfully Adorable Travis Family


It's hard not to fall head over heels in love with the Travis family. A swift review of their family vlog ItsJudysLife would give you a happy introduction to the wonderfully wacky world of mom Judy, dad Benji, and their three daughters Julianna, Miyako, and Keira. The Travis family at their Philippine meet and greet event at SM Aura

It's a typical morning in the Travis family. There's Judy, her hair still in shambles, getting everyone up, with the three girls making all sorts of mumbling sounds as they wander around the house. One cuddles up to dad and another looks for her toy. Amidst this little riot, Benji is trying to make coffee as he comes to the realization that his life now revolves around his children and hey, that's cool.

Benji is truly a hands-on dad

The girls glamming up


The girls certainly are a handful

It's the kind of messy noise you hear in families around the globe every day, which makes the Travises so relatable. But what makes them so special is the love they obviously have for each other, a love that they give warmly and openly. When Judy cooks some homemade katsu for dinner, for example, Benji says, “Honey, it's so delicious!” On the surface, it's a simple off-the-cuff remark. But oh how so many more moms would love to hear that from their partners!

There's a lot of laughter in the family as well. Rather than getting upset over everyday mishaps, Judy and Benji just go with the flow, relying on their firm conviction and sense of humor to get them through the day. When Keira and Miyako visit their grandmother, and shoo their mom away, Judy just laughs it off. She then reminds the girls to behave while she's away. When Julianna grabs candy at the supermarket, Benji just says matter of factly: “Missy, put it back.” Even as Julianna smiles and makes funny faces trying to convince dad to let her keep the candy, Benji stands his ground. The little girl puts the candy back with a smile knowing that dad means business.

These snippets from their everyday lives, which are always filled with good vibes all around, serve as inspiration for their many followers.

It was Judy who first won the hearts of Internet fans with her makeup looks, hair tutorials, and no nonsense review of beauty products in ItsJudyTime. Eventually, we got to know her family through their family vlog channel ItsJudysLife, and dad Benji's foodie channel BenjiManTV.

But more than raising their children to be awesome human beings, Judy and Benji want to reach out to others and share their blessings. Every December, the couple raise funds for a charity of their choice in an event they call Dancember. Over the last four years, they have raised some $250,000. Amazing!

Most recently, Filipino fans of the Travis family had the chance to get up close and personal with them at the launch of Judy's new Pixi + ItsJudyTime Eyeshadow and Lipstick palettes. Designed for moms and women on-the-go, these compact palettes feature a perfect balance of colors for both daytime and nighttime use.

At the event, it was heartwarming to see how humble and down-to-earth the Travis family is, and for the most part, how authentically Filipino their values are. In a world where personalities take great pains in controlling how they are perceived by the public, it is certainly refreshing that the Travis family is genuinely real.


The girls on stage

Benji signing Judy totes

Group photo

At the after party, Judy had time for everybody

The girls take the stage