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Most public schools lack sufficient teaching materials and adequate teacher training to address the learning needs of the youngest children at the kindergarten level. In some cases, teachers have next to nothing to use as teaching or visual aids. Studies have shown that the golden age of learning is from 0 to 6 years old, where the capacity for the brain to absorb learning is more than at any other time of life. This is why kindergarten and first grade teachers must be equipped and supported in a way that will help them make the maximum impact in their classrooms.

The Kinder Project was formed by a group of teachers and artists who wish to empower public school teachers by giving them teacher training and teaching materials to boost the learning experience of their students, particularly in reading. They have created a unique, bilingual game-based program with teacher-created materials, flashcards, songs, books, and worksheets to energize the classroom learning experience.

On the 22nd and 23rd of May 2014, with the support of Vice Major Joy Belmonte, The Kinder Project hopes to provide 200 Kinder and Grade one classrooms from the poorest communities in Quezon City with these teaching materials that will promote greater development of skills in Reading.

Expo Mom 2014 joins The Kinder Project in its quest to provide the children of Payatas with adequate reading materials to encourage them to become lifelong learners. From May 16 to 18, Expo Mom 2014 will be accepting donations of any amount for The Kinder Project in lieu of entrance fees. When you make a donation, you will be doing your part in making the lives of these young learners better!

Teaching kindergarten students

The right teaching materials make for a better learning experience

Acclaimed educator Efren Penaflorida with teachers and young learners

KINDER PROJECT UPDATE! We would like to thank everyone who came to Expo Mom 2014! We are so grateful for your unwavering support and appreciation. The event was a great success. But more importantly, we were able to raise P103,955 for the Kinder Project with your entrance fees and donations! We are currently planning the turnover of the reading kits and materials and we shall give you an update soon.

Thank you so much!