Keeping Children Healthy the Rite Way


Keeping kids healthy is a top priority among Filipino families. Healthy children are not just happier; they are also more likely to grow up physically and mentally prepared to meet the challenges of everyday life. Part and parcel of keeping children healthy is providing them with the right vitamins and nutrients to help in their development and giving them the appropriate medication to help fight off sickness. Unfortunately, the rising cost of medicines has been a challenge to a growing number of Filipino families. Although parents are aware of the importance of giving their children the right vitamins and supplements, those are not necessarily on top of their shopping list. This is unfortunate as depriving children of the appropriate vitamins, supplements, and medicines may hinder their growth.

Fortunately, there is RiteMed.

RiteMed is committed to providing Filipino families with the right medicine at the right price. RiteMed believes that it is the right of every Filipino to have access to proper health care, and that includes making available to them the appropriate vitamins, supplements, and medicines.

It maintains the highest standards of quality in the production of these medications at Amherst Laboratories, the most advanced pharmaceutical plant in Asia. RiteMed sources its other products from highly credible organizations that share the same mission as they do: provide reasonably priced high quality medicine.

ritemed RiteMed for Kids vitamins and medicines for children include the following: RiteMed Ascorbic Acid, RM Multivitamins + Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), RiteMed Paracetamol, and RiteMed Zinc-C (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc).

ascorbic-pick Boost your child's immune system and protect him from the symptoms of the common cold with RiteMed Ascorbic Acid. Available in a yummy orange flavor that your child will surely love, its 120 ml bottle contains 100 mg of Vitamin C. It's best taken once a day or as prescribed by your pediatrician.

chorella-pick Give your child RiteMed Multivitamins + Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) every day to help him achieve his maximum growth potential. RiteMed Multivitamins + Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) contains Taurine, Vitamin A, C, D, B Complex, Lysine, and Zinc providing your child a cocktail of vitamins which would contribute to his healthy growth. Available in a delicious orange flavor, you may keep this food supplement in your medicine cabinet for 24 months.

para-pick When your child is sick with fever, there is RiteMed Paracetamol to help ease his pain. An analgesic/antipyretic, RiteMed Paracetamol is in syrup form and comes in a tasty lemon flavor. When fever persists for more than three days, take him to your doctor right away.

zinc-pick Another immune booster which you may want to consider for your child is RiteMed Zinc-C, which packs Vitamin C and Zinc in one powerful supplement. It not only protects your kids from everyday sickness, it also helps in achieving normal growth and development. It is available in syrup form in a delicious orange flavor.

RiteMed for Kids products are available at Southstar Drug, Watsons, Rose Pharmacy, Negros Grace Pharmacy, ThreeSixty Pharmacy, St. Joseph Drug, and other leading drugstores nationwide.