How Kelly Misa-Fernandez Got Back Into Shape


Going over the vacation photographs on the blog of new mom Kelly Misa-Fernandez, it would be difficult not to drool with envy. Last year, she gave birth to an adorable 7.6-pound boy, Tristan Antonio, and this year, she's basking under the sun in a two-piece bikini! Kelly, who's not only an accomplished host and model but also a blogger and beauty columnist, still remembers her days of expectancy. She says, "The first trimester was super difficult for me because I was so nauseous and dizzy all the time. I think I slept the entire three months! The second trimester was easy. I got my energy back and felt like my old self again. The third trimester was when my baby started getting heavy and I got swollen all over. Each trimester had its own challenges, but because I had the support of my husband and friends, it wasn't so bad!"

But all those months of waiting and anticipating taught Kelly one glorious thing: "I discovered how amazing a woman's body is while I was pregnant. I mean, I was able to make a person! And now I am nourishing him with my milk."

Such a discovery not only changed Kelly's perspective on life, it also altered her priorities. It also affected how she viewed her husband. She says, "My relationship with my husband also changed, definitely. It is a deeper relationship now with a lot more trials and challenges. Having a baby is the ultimate test for a marriage."

While Kelly only gained around 30 pounds during her pregnancy, she couldn't say the same after she gave birth. She recalls, "I gained so much after I gave birth because I was eating everything in sight while breastfeeding. At one point my waistline was 40 inches, after giving birth."

Kelly Misa-Fernandez

Kelly and her son Tristan

Getting back in shape

Suffice it to say that getting back in shape became one of the priorities on this new mom's to-do list. She not only started to exercise more, she also began eating better. Plus, Kelly enlisted the help of her friends at Marie France.

The country's top weight loss center, Marie France offers safe, effective and non-invasive treatments to women who are looking to shed some pounds. Its scientifically advanced technology and its team of medical doctors, figure consultants, and nutritionists have given countless women the body they want without pain, endless dieting, hunger, pills, or resorting to surgery.

Kelly says, "One of my favorite machines at Marie France is the VelaContour. VelaContour uses Electro-Optical Synergy (ELOS) that combines infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) together with skin contouring action through positive and negative procedures. So what the infrared light does is it increases circulation so that energy stored in fat becomes available for burning. Then, the bi-polar RF concentrates on the fatty areas pre-heated by the infrared so that it is focused only on the target area. Lastly, the positive and negative pressures stimulate connective tissues to replace fat mass with lean mass. It also improves lymphatic drainage to increase metabolism. Doesn’t it all sound so wonderful? And all you have to do is lie down and relax.”

For Kelly, the results have been fabulous.


Kelly's fabulously in shape!

She says, "It super worked for me. You just really need to make time for it, but I took it as my time to relax. I enjoyed my time there and even brought my son with me.”

Kelly encourages all moms to get back in shape so that they get to feel like their old selves again. "This is so important: We girls shouldn't lose ourselves when we have kids. It's a matter of allotting time and energy though. Go do it!"