Kid-sized Adventures



Kids love going on adventures—even a walk to the park is an occasion for them to explore their surroundings and discover new things. What’s great about these little adventures is that it will not only help build their character and self-esteem, it will also steer them towards finding out what it is that they’re really passionate about.

We’re happy to report that we’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the adventure programs being dished out by Camp Adobo. With the objective of stimulating your children’s awareness and appreciation of Philippine culture and values, Camp Adobo has prepared a delightful menu of Filipino flavored adventure set in Forest Club Laguna.

Designed for kids aged six to 15 years, Camp Adobo offers a sports-oriented camp program with races, hikes, and rope courses. The program also mixed in some time for the kids to play Nature Detectives to explore the eco resort and Nature Artists to create artworks using materials found in the surrounding areas.

Running the program is a team of educators, events specialists, and outdoor aficionados that prioritizes safety and security above all with a ratio of 10 campers to three adults.

For more information, go to, e-mail, or contact 0917-841-1088