Kids and Families are in for a Treat as World-renowned ‘Bubble Man’ Performs in Manila


Bubbles may seem pretty ordinary to the naked eye, but for Louis Pearl, the world’s leading “bubbleologist,” there is more to discover about them. Offering the Filipino audience a close-up look into his bubbly world, Pearl, popularly known as “The Amazing Bubble Man,” will soon make his first ever visit to Manila as he unravels the art, magic, science, and fun of bubbles in a one-man show running from September 23 to 27 at RCBC’s Carlos P. Romulo Theater in Makati, City.


The wondrous 75-minute spectacle, produced by Lunch Theatrical Productions and Concertus Manila, aims to explore the dynamics of bubbles through entertainment and audience participation, while explaining some fascinating facts about bubbles—bringing science to life and into the realm of fun.

“I saw Louis Pearl’s Amazing Bubble Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and was absolutely mesmerized. I had no idea you could do so many amazing things with bubbles,” said James Cundall, the producer and Chief Executive of Lunchbox Theatrical Productions.

Perfect for family and kids, the educational-themed show will feature a wide range of science-themes, which include subjects such as the colors of bubbles, the physics of soap and water molecules, aerodynamics, and surface tension, among others.

“I went to talk to Louis after his performance about touring internationally. I thought if a producer with 25 years in the entertainment business can be blown away by bubbles then surely people all around the world will be amazed by this incredible show too,” Cundall added.

Pearl, who has been bubbling professionally since 1980, began exploring the different aspects of bubbles when he started his very own Tangent Toy Company. He began performing in 1983 with a show at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

For nearly three decades, Pearl has performed to more than one million people in hundreds of cities around the world. He is also a favorite at the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he returned this year for his eighth successive season.

A literature and art graduate, he has written two books about bubbles and has made a video called "Lights, Camera, Bubbles!" and has so far produced 21 fantastic bubble inventions.

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