In this age of modern technology and digitalism, everything is readily available in digital format. From the simple notes and to-do lists to the personal journals, documents, and even family memorabilia such as photos and videos, everything can be conveniently stored and shared in digital devices.

Gone are the days where tons and tons of family albums, memory sticks, and hard drives would lay molting in storage until the next need to draw out old photo arises. Remember when one had to unearth a photo album, scan photos, then share them with loved ones? Ever experienced getting your hard drive or memory stick corrupted (or worse, stolen!) and losing all your files, photos, and important documents? KLINK1 Now you can easily store and share your photos and other digital files without having to go through so much hassle and minus the fear of losing them with KLINK! Klink is a cloud computing site and app that let’ you access, back up, sync, and store all your files from any device, anytime and anywhere!

Here’s a quick clip on what Klink is all about.

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