Knomo: A Must-Have Everyday Bag for Moms

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Every mom would agree to a life of never-ending work be it at home or in the office. Yet, she still finds time to do self-care by going to the gym or getting pampered at a salon. That’s why, she’s often called a super mom because she is, after all, living a life less ordinary.

For this kind of busy lifestyle, she needs a reliable gadget, comfortable & chic outfits, and an extraordinary bag that will help her carry out all her roles as a wife, a career woman, a mom and everything in between. Knomo understands this perfectly, and has made their wide array of bags fit for modern moms who juggle a lot of different aspects of her life.

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We’ve listed some of the reasons why Knomo is one of our #topmompicks when it comes to bags.

1) It is versatile.

Whether you go to take your kids to the park, the mall, or go to a quiet cafe to work, and maybe squeezing time for the gym with friends, a Knomo bag is all you need. It comes in classic colors that look elegant outside, yet filled with pockets inside that helps you organize your things. It can be worn from day til night, and with any hat that you wear for the day.


2) It is practical.

You don’t need to change bags often. No more misplaced set of keys or forgotten make-up kits which usually happens when you switch bags. As moms, we just need one bag that will help us function effectively, and this is what Knomo is made for - to be a practically reliable mom partner.

3) It comes in different styles & designs to match your personality.

Even if moms are the busiest individuals on earth, and even if we carry our “homes” when we bring our bags, we have to do it in style. Knomo has a number of bags that you could choose from - backpacks, tote bags, crossbody bags, shopping bags, and even pouches and wallets too!


4) It keeps things organized.

Knomo knows how moms, and many other women, like to keep things together and organized. A mom life is a happily chaotic one, and we, moms, need big help in keeping our stuff in place. With Knomo’s multiple pockets and compartments, it’s easy to find what we need. No time wasted for searching for your phone, receipts, documents, diapers, or baby wipes, these compartments will save your day.

5) It’s smart.

The Knomo is a deceivingly slim bag that you can fill with your everyday essentials. Simple and elegant in design, you can take this bag with you for work+play and even on weekend adventures!


  • Pocket with RFID blocking. Store your phone, bank cards and passport with the confidence that you won’t be vulnerable to identity theft.

  • Splash-resistant material. Because it’s always rainy season where we live so the commute is unpredictable!

  • Full-grain leather touch points for added comfort

  • One front pocket with 2 zips for easy access

  • Knomo ID: Register your bag and it it gets lost, whoever finds it can return your bag to you through Knomo’s portal


The Knomo bags are beautiful on the outside, and undeniably smart on the inside so we can stay connected, organised, and stylish wherever life takes us

Knomo fits into the lifestyle of every mom. It’s made to complement the various life aspects of a woman’s developing life - career, marriage, family, kids, business, fitness, travels, health, and more! They are thoughtfully designed to keep you organized from work day to weekend, whether you bring your laptop, diapers, or gym clothes. Knomo bags got you covered.

For those who want something that can work at any time and any place, get yourself a Knomo.

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