MerryMooxMommyTreats: World's First Lactation Ice Cream


Yes, you read the title right! Breastfeeding mommas are going to be in for a scrumptious surprise as Mommy Treats and Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream team up to introduce the world's first lactation ice cream! Homemade and churned in small fresh batches, MerryMooxMommyTreats lactation ice cream comes in three flavors: Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel and Matcha Green Tea.

It's a match made in breastfeeding heaven as its key ingredients are Merry Moo’s fresh non-UHT, nutrition-dense milk and cream and Mommy Treat’s milk boosters including the super galactagogue fenugreek, omega-3-rich flaxseed, Vitamin B-packed brewer’s yeast, and wheat germ. The flavoring ingredients will be all-natural as well, from locally sourced dark chocolate and sea salt to real matcha powder from Japan.

More importantly, Mommy Treats and Merry Moo share the same passion for giving their customers only the very best.

Mommy Treats Founder Paola Loot Bronfman, who has always wanted to make something 'cool' for summer, says, “What memories do you get when you eat ice cream? They’re all happy memories, right? Mommy Treats is all about making breastfeeding journeys full of fun and excitement. What better way to justify eating ice cream but with “this is for my baby!” excuse? Haha It will surely make the sleepless nights worth it if you can wake up to a bowl of cereal with ice cream in lieu of milk.”

As it turns out, Maggie Lim-Ngo, who helps her husband Kelvin run artisanal ice cream company Merry Moo, is a Mommy Treats customer. When Maggie casually asked Paola if she ever thought of making lactation ice cream, the Mommy Treats founder exclaimed a resounding yes.

Maggie says, “It is serendipity that Paola and I met. We started planning via SMS last November 2016, until we had our 'eyeball' in January 2017. I am a fan and a loyal customer of Mommy Treats and it is such an honor to collaborate with her in this project.”

Paola has actually tried making ice cream a couple of times but her attempts did not bear fruition. When she met Maggie, Paola says, “It was as if everything fell into place. I love Merry Moo for their fresh, cow-to-cup approach and I knew that this was a brand I’d be privileged to collaborate with.”

“Merry Moo uses fresh local dairy from Laguna and ingredients with no artificial colorings. Like Mommy Treats, we strive for our products to retain their nutritional content at their peak. I believe this is especially important for all breastfeeding moms because what we eat, our baby will also intake via our breast milk,” says Maggie.

Maggie and Paola sharing a taste of their lactation ice cream to excited moms

Come and get it!

It took the partners three months to come up with a delectable line of lactation ice cream. They took great care and attention in finding the perfect complementary flavors for the taste of the milk boosters.

Paola says, “We weren’t going to put just a small amount of our milk boosters. We were going to put a lot of it.That means those flavors will surely come out and, everyone who eats Mommy Treats knows this: We don’t shy away from these distinct flavors nor do we mask it with sugar. We complement it! We believe that there’s nothing wrong with a little distinct taste as long as it’s complemented with the right flavors.”

Maggie chimes in.

“With regards to flavor choices, we sought advice from our resident experts – Paola and my husband Kelvin. Paola shared her knowledge on what flavor profiles work best with her milk boosters, while my husband churned his magic and created our test batch of artisan lactation ice cream. My only contribution was on the taste test, which I was more than happy to do!”

As for the calorie content, Paola says it would range from 160 to 270 calories per serving depending on the number of servings per pint. A pint is good for a three-day supply, but it can be stretched to five when supplemented with half a serving of brownies (to eat ala mode) or cookies (to make an ice cream sandwich).

Paola says, “It's the first treat that we have that's over 150 calories but is still relatively guilt-free. It's a treat that hits two birds with one stone: satisfy that ice cream craving while helping boost your milk supply!”

Maggie adds, “I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that breastfeeding moms will find joy and feel re-energized when they eat our artisan lactation ice cream. I understand how challenging and painful the breastfeeding journey can be, so this is a great feel-good guilt-free pleasure they can treat themselves with.”


The MerryMooxMommyTreats Lactation Ice Cream will be available in three-day supply pints in three flavors: Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel, and Matcha Green Tea. Each pint will be priced at P450 and is best consumed within 10 months from production date.

They will be available at (for Metro Manila delivery only) and Merry Moo outlets in SM Aura, SM Megamall, Legazpi Sunday Market, Midnight Mercato Night Market, and Salcedo Saturday Market.

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