Lady Scott Jones: A Display of Beauty, Sophistication, and Charm

Earlier this year, Mommy Mundo launched the #PassItOnMom campaign where inspiring moms were featured on web, social media, and our YouTube channel. These beautiful moms were celebrated with photo and video sessions shot in a gorgeous and charming venue fitting for the queens, Lady Scott Jones showroom in Rockwell, Makati.


What started as an online home furniture store, Lady Scott Jones is owned by sisters-in-law, Pam Lopez and Maricar Lopez-Tiangco. This passion business started from these two women's desire to offer furniture aficionados like them something unique and eccentric yet beautiful.


Maricar was decorating her own home and felt limited with the choices in the market while Pam had always wanted a store based on her love for furniture. Together they teamed up and opened Lady Scott Jones' doors to customers like them who look for interesting pieces to add spark to their homes. This power team has the right mix of passion and professional background making Lady Scott Jones' a label that's worth everyone's attention. Now they have two showrooms to date so that customers with a discerning taste get to appreciate their pieces right before their very eyes.


Lady Scott Jones houses beautiful and unique pieces of furnishings clearly selected meticulously by women who has sophisticated and classy taste. The pieces speak of distinct and undeniable character that may be a subject of conversation among family, friends or business partners when welcomed at home.

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The Character of Lady Scott Jones

She is a lady of great charisma, audacity, and subtly elegant taste; she chases after the classics, has an eye for quality and value, and knows what suits her best. She’s seen the world and relished in foreign culture and art—the only thing left was to find a way captivate others with the eccentricities and charm found in every adventure she’s embarked on. Through the fascinating discoveries she’s picked up, driven by a sincere and relatable love for beautiful things, she wishes to share this zest for life with everything and everyone around her.

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Mommy Mundo And Lady Scott Jones


There can be no other perfect place to pick when Mommy Mundo was searching for an intimate yet enchanting venue to have the #PassItOnMom campaign shoot than Lady Scott Jones. Every corner of the showroom has its own personality and charm that makes it very Instagram-worthy and beyond. Photos after photos of featured moms came out beautifully with each shot having its own story to tell. Lady Scott Jones and the empowering #PassItOnMom campaign was truly a match made in heaven.

You could find Lady Scott Jones on Facebook and Instagram. You may purchase their neo-classical unique pieces on their website or feast your eyes in their showrooms at The House By LSJ inside the Powerplant Mall and their Rockwell showroom.


Rockwell Showroom: The Metropolitan Club St. Rockwell City, Estrella, Makati, Metro Manila

Powerplant Mall: GF New Wing, Powerplant Mall, Makati, Metro Manila