The Fun Road to Reading: Learning Lion books


"When will she ever learn to read?" Have you ever found yourself asking your child's teacher that question? Well, each child is different and her reading skills will depend on her mental development. A big factor that aids in developing a child's reading skills is her exposure to books, and much like any other skill, how much practice and exercise the child goes through to master reading.

Just reading to your child a lot and allowing her to eventually learn letters by how they look, then how they sound and eventually deciphering formed words are steps to learning to read. Playing word games is another activity that is effective and using tools like these educational sets of Learning Lion can magically open up your child's word world!




Learning Lion is created by  Tisha Gonzalez-Cruz, a mom of two who is also a seasoned educator. Tisha set up Learning Lion, initially to help equip moms and teachers with the right materials that would help children read and love to learn to read. Just barely into setting up her business, she found her calling into making Learning Lion a business with a heart and has since pledged to give a portion of her profits towards her "Read Philippines" campaign, providing classrooms around the Philippines with Learning Lion materials and Teacher Training workshops.

Learning Lion is currently being used by Efren Penaflorida’s Kariton Classroom in Cavite City, AHA Learning Center – a free nursery for children living in the cemeteries along Kalayaan in Makati, and various communities.  The Read Philippines campaign advocates every public school Filipino child will learn-to-read before age 7, so that when they reach first grade they are reading-to-learn.

The Learning Lion reading sets come highly recommended not just by moms but by licensed educators.  To order a Learning Lion set, and to help the Read Philippines campaign, contact Tisha Gonzalez-Cruz at 0917-8522000 or check out the Learning Lion Facebook page.