Magnolia Chicken: Ang #PambansangManok


Gone are the days when our dinner plans were dependent on what was available in the market or what was in season. We are no longer prisoners of our own kitchen but rather empowered queens who rule the scene. This is why the most trusted brand in chicken, Magnolia, has spearheaded a monumental campaign empowering moms all over to choose only the best, and freshest, when it comes to serving their family. Because when you have the power to choose, why settle for anything less than the best? Magnolia Chicken’s latest ambassadors are the queens of Philippine pageant history and the country’s pride Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1973 Margie Moran, and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. Queens in every right, this inspiring trio epitomizes modern, independent, and empowered women who know what they want and always choose the best, especially when it comes to chicken.

Whether you enjoy your Chicken Satay bursting with flavors like Margie, in a healthy Mediterranean salad like Pia, or in a festive paella like Gloria, chicken is surely a staple and a must have in every Filipino family’s meal. Only Magnolia can guarantee freshness in every bite, made with chickens raised in stress-free environments, with Omega 3, free from antibiotic residue, and free from hormones and steroids giving you only the best for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

At the end of the day, like all experienced cooks and chefs say, your dish is as good as the ingredient to which it was made from. So when it comes to cooking for your loved ones, you need to make sure you only choose the best and when you have the power to choose, choose only Magnolia, ang #PambansangManok.

Here, two ways to cook Magnolia Chicken: Make your family a delicious Chicken Afritada.

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