Make Car Trips Smoother


It’s fun to bring the kids out for a ride, but it’s also easy for them to get restless specially on long trips. Here are some quick tips to make road trips stress-free for you and your family. * Have familiar objects or toys within reach.

* Bring a small cooler filled with your children’s favorite snacks and drinks.

* Provide pillows, specially neck pillows or neck rests.

* Make sure to have a change of clothes ready along with baby wipes or a towel.

* Play audio stories or kids’ music. Download these in advance or bring along CDs.

* Play simple games such as counting trucks or searching for colors.

* Keep your kids well hydrated. Non-carbonated and unsweetened drinks are the best.

* Dress comfortably. Go barefoot or put your child in socks (for long car rides).

* Have a portable potty or urine bag on hand.

* Make frequent stopovers.

Have a safe trip!

This story first appeared in Urban Mom magazine.