Making Baby Happy and Healthy

happy-baby2.jpg Setting a lifetime of happy belly habits starts as early as when babies are ready to be introduced to age-appropriate solid food. Happy Baby Organic Baby Food recommends starting tots on organic brown rice cereal as it is gluten-free and has the lowest risk of inciting an allergic reaction compared to other starter foods.

Happy Baby is the baby foods line of Happy Family Organic Superfoods—firm believers in safe, chemical-free organic nutrition. They do not use artificial ingredients or preservatives and say “No thanks!” to trans fats that affect the nutritional value of every bite. Formulated by pediatricians and nutritionists committed to an enlightened nutrition philosophy, the Happy Baby Organic Baby Food line uses only organic fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, and grains. Whenever possible, important vitamins, minerals, supergrains, and probiotics are added into the mix to make sure that the little ones get even more from their everyday food choices.

And here’s more good news for mommies: the Happy Baby Organic Baby Food line comes in easy to open, certified frustration-free packaging. Apart from baby cereal, there’s yogurt, minced fruit and veggies, homestyle meals and simple combos, hearty dishes and snacks. With this incredibly wide range of smart, nutritious food choices and recipes, busy parents won’t have a hard time keeping babies healthy and interested in food.

Happy Baby Organic Food is available at Baby and Beyond (G2, Strata Suites 300, P. Guevarra, San Juan City) and Numa Baby Shop (AEK Building, 40 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City). Hop on over to for more information.

Photos from HappyBaby Philippines.