Making Mealtimes Fun for Kids


bento5The Bento Mommas

Almost ten years ago, five moms, who share a fondness for all things creative, met at a parenting e-group. “When we realized that we all had a passion for bento-making, we decided to put up an FB group initially just to exchange bento tips and encouragement especially on days that creative juices seem to run dry. From just being a small forum of bento ideas for the five of us, our Facebook page has expanded to include people beyond our circle, and now offers weekly design challenges, bento resources, bento catering, bento workshops, and online shopping.”

Olive04X One of the Bento Mommas' creations Today, April, Kaye, Mia, Moneigh, and Olive are collectively, and fondly, called the Bento Mommas, and their community counts some 1,300 mommy members from different parts of the Philippines and the world.

On June 14, Saturday, the Bento Mommas will be at The Crib from 1 to 4 PM to teach their fellow moms how to make creative baon executions that their children will love and enjoy. They share: “Our themes are usually influenced by our kids’ favorite cartoon characters, superheroes or video games. Our kids also loved our ‘Despicable Me’ masterpieces so much that they took pity on the edible Minions, didn’t eat them, and brought the Minions back home. To date, one of our most challenging creations was a bulk order for customized bentos for a children’s party. Bento Momma Kaye had to make 20 themed boxes containing noodles, chicken nuggets, faces made out of rice balls and nori, party hats made out of carved apples, and individual names of kids made out of cheese.”

But while the bentos offer exciting challenges to these highly creative moms, they point out that: “The greatest incentive of this hobby is seeing our kids’ empty lunchboxes at the end of each school day. Bento-making is fun and easy and the benefits are two-pronged too—you get nutrition and entertainment all in one go!”

The bento-making workshop happens at The Crib, Fun Ranch Ortigas this Saturday. Limited slots are available, so pre-registration is required. There is a participation fee of P500, inclusive of tools and food supplies good for one bento. Register at

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