Making Time for Me: The Mindful Mom Re-Treat


We've often been told to make the most of every single day. We like packing every minute of every hour with an errand or an activity, sometimes not just one but two. We answer email while minding our kids, wash dishes while waiting for the pasta to cook, and put away toys while chatting with a friend. We tick off whatever we've accomplished, but sadly all our to-dos never seem to get done. And so before we go to bed, we make another checklist, hoping against hope that tomorrow would be a better day. It's not surprising then that when we wake up, we don't exactly feel relaxed and rested. We've filled ourselves up with so much anxiety over our non-accomplishments that our muscles just tense up and all we get is a fitful sleep. On January 30, 2016, take a moment to surrender all your to-dos and checklists, all your mommy worries and fears, and submit yourself to an intimately quiet afternoon in a sanctuary of peace thinking about something you've oftentimes forgotten: your self.

MindfulMom Final The Mindful Mom Re-Treat is a community event focused on refreshing, re-energizing, and re-centering modern mamas. Through a series of activities to be facilitated by Michele S. Alignay, MA, Registered Family Psychologist and mom of two, you will gain a more insightful knowledge of yourself, allowing you to identify the things most important to you and the factors hindering you from achieving your life goals.

The Mindful Mom Re-Treat is a takeoff from last year's Mommy Mundo Mom Manifesto campaign which was conceptualized and created by Mommy Mundo Founder Janice Villanueva in collaboration with Alignay and Mommy Mundo Content Head Jing Lejano. Participants of the online workshop will find some of the activities similar, but this time around, you will be guided by an expert resource person amidst the company and warmth of fellow moms. By the end of the afternoon, you would have garnered the tools to become more focused on your tasks and more conscious of your goals, helping you become a more mindful person and a more intentional parent.

The Mindful Mom Re-Treat happens on January 30, 2016, Saturday. There will be two scheduled retreats, the first from 9am to 12noon and the second from 1pm to 4pm at the Batanes Function Room, Edsa Shangri-la, Manila.

Register by texting (0908)8657245 or email with the subject line MINDFUL MOM RE-TREAT Batch 1. Please indicate the session in which you want to attend (am or pm) and details will be sent to you.

Snacks and workshop kits will be provided. Participants will be charged a fee of P500 for the workshop kit.

Mommy Mundo would like to thank Edsa Shangri-la Hotel Manila for being its venue partner for this first Mom Re-Treat.