Managing Health Information Overload


Raising children in the digital age certainly has its fair share of benefits. For starters, moms now have easy access to a world of information. With the mere click of a button, they can read up on child care practices, connect with mom support groups, get updates on the latest health and parenting news, and find out about new products and services, too. A generation or so ago, moms would have to buy books, consult with professionals, or talk to their own mothers to have such information. These days, instant information is something that most everybody takes for granted. But while having easy access to information is good, experiencing information overload could be quite stressful. One day you'll find out that so-and-so has been discovered to cause such-and-such condition. A few days later, another research comes out debunking the aforementioned finding.

Every week, you receive dozens of email messages promising you that such-and-such would help make your child taller, or faster, or smarter, or happier. Because you are a conscientious momma who wants to make sure that you are giving your child only the absolute best, you try to read each message. But for one reason or another, your inbox never seems to go down to empty. Not only are you tired after going through all that information, you are also quite confused as to which group, study, or expert to believe. There seems to be a dozen solutions to any one question, and you struggle to deliberate on the right one for you and your child. What's a frazzled, confused mom to do?

RiteMed believes that it is the right of every Filipino to have access to proper health care. In the same manner, it believes that it is the right of every Filipino to have access to correct health information. So here are a number of ways to sift through all the info clutter:

#1 Tackle one issue at a time: If you're going to Google for information, don't type in something as broad as “how to raise healthy children.” You are bound to get a gazillion results. Narrow your search to specific topics like, for instance, "healthy meals for toddlers" or "managing baby's fever." In this way, your hunt for information is laser-focused to tackle just that one issue topmost on your mind.

#2 Check the source: Always, always doublecheck the source. If it's from a website with no clue as to who manages it or from an organization with questionable motives, then don't even bother going through the information. You're just wasting your time. In the end, you might even get confused. Be picky on your sources; it would help you have a better experience sifting through information.

#3 Take it easy on your sign ups: In conjunction with our second tip, don't be too casual on hitting the sign up button of a website with questionable credentials. You'll only end up flooding your inbox.

#4 Refer to credible medical studies: Every so often, you'll come across news of this and that medical finding or breakthrough. Don't be taken in just yet. Inspect every finding or breakthrough with a magnifying glass, if you will. Check out the scope of the study as well as the organization who facilitated it. Find out if it has been published by a credible journal.

#5 Consult with an expert: When an issue seems particularly confounding for you, ask the help of a professional. Consult with your doctor or psychologist, trainer or therapist. These people have years of study and experience which you can bank on. They can steer you towards achieving your goals with regards to raising healthy children.

#6 Ask your mom and mom friends: It is also a great idea to seek the feedback of other moms, your mother first of all. These are the women who have been out in the trenches. Chances are, they've tried the things you are going for so they can give you the best feedback. Real-life experiences beat online information every time.

#7 Trust your intuition: Last but not least, listen to what your gut is telling you. We've been blessed with women's intuition, and more often than not, it has proved to be a reliable compass. Be attuned to your thoughts and insights; they'll point you towards the right direction.

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