Mind Those Manners


manners A great many of today’s kids may be computer literate and Internet savvy, but unfortunately, some are sorely lacking in good manners. Some have even taken to calling their parents by their first names, which would have been unheard of a generation ago. Fortunately, there is now a program dedicated to teaching young children and teenagers about the importance of knowing good etiquette and practicing respectful behavior.

Starting out as a home-based business in the United States about three years ago, Molly Manners is a fun and interactive program that has since found its way to Canada, Australia, and Asia. Its curriculum teaches children proper manners while helping them develop communication skills.

The classes are age-specific starting out with “Macaroni and Please” for children three to five years old, and covers playdate and sleepover etiquette, phone manners, table setting practice, and good sportsmanship. For kids six to 12 years old, Molly Manners offers “Proud to be Polite,” and tackles posture and body language, table manners, talking about money, and setting goals. The “Young Sophisticate” class for teens from ages 13 to 16 includes such topics as building confidence, restaurant dining etiquette, listening and giving compliments, and texting courtesy.

For more information, visit www.mollymanners.com or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Molly-Manners-Philippines, email criselle@mollymanners.com, or call (0917) 899-9726.