Mommy Mundo Roadtest: 360 Smart Camera

Life with a newborn is a full-time job. Moms are known for their multitasking skills as they try to get work done while tending to baby’s needs. No wonder baby monitors have become a mommy essential. These small cameras allow you to move around knowing that your baby is safe and sleeping soundly.

New mom, sports commentator, and news reporter, Lia Cruz, did a Mommy Mundo road test of the 360 Smart Camera. As the brand promises, this baby monitor boasts of a 360-degree panoramic and 260-degree tilt view so you can see everything that’s going on. Plus, you can check photos and have video notification by your mobile phone.

Source: Instagram @liadcruz

Source: Instagram @liadcruz

Here’s what Lia has to say about the 360 Smart Camera:

MM: How did you find out about 360 Smart Camera?

Lia: We found out about it through Mommy Mundo when our baby was only a few weeks old. We were actually in need of a baby monitor at the time, so it was perfect timing! Mommy Mundo provides great recommendations for products, perfect for new parents like us who don’t know where to begin.

MM: What product features did you like most?

Lia: The 360 camera in itself is great! It gives such a comprehensive view of the action! The fact that you can view all the camera action on an app, wherever you are, is incredibly helpful. It just makes monitoring things so much easier. My husband and I really liked the audio capability of the camera, so you can listen in on the app to what’s going on in baby’s room, and also speak into the app so that the baby and whoever is in the room can hear you. Also, very useful are the crying and movement detection features! “Very useful” is an understatement.

MM: How did it work for you and your baby?

Lia: It worked pretty well. It allowed us to move around the house and get chores done. We have no helper, so the camera was a godsend in helping us run the household and attend to other pressing needs. It’s also great when we’re out (either both or one of us) so we can check up on the other with the baby, or with one of the Lolas who is babysitting for us.

MM: What did you like best about it?

Lia: The 360 camera, the app, the audio feature and the crying detection. They really help make the business of going about daily tasks with a baby much easier.

MM: In what way can it be improved?

Lia: We would like to see a zoom feature added in the camera’s capability. Right now, you can zoom by pinching the camera view on the app, but it would be great if the camera actually had a zoom function too.

MM: How would you recommend it to friends and fam?

Lia: Yes, definitely! A few friends actually mentioned to me, when I posted about this baby monitor on Instagram, that they have the exact same one!

The 360 Smart Camera Price retails at Php 4,600. It is currently available at all Rustan’s Department Store-Children’s section, The Parenting Emporium, You can also learn more about the product through Facebook 360 Smart Camera PH or Instagram 360smartcameraph.

Source: Instagram @liadcruz

Source: Instagram @liadcruz

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