Local Mom-Owned Business Collaborates with Global Baby Tula Carrier


It's not every day that a local enterprise collaborates with a global brand for an inspiring project. When Candy Establecida-Oanes, the mompreneur behind CEO Emporium, thus got the nod of award-winning industry leader Baby Tula to come up with an exclusive design for the Philippines, she was excited beyond belief. On October 16, 2016, Baby Tula Carrier will be launching an exclusive design for CEO Emporium, Sea of Dreams. A marine inspired print featuring ethereal sailboats with watercolor brush strokes, it is reminiscent of boats lined up along Manila Bay. The color scheme is also characteristic of the Philippine flag, making it distinctly Filipino.

Tula Baby

Collaborating with a global brand

According to Candy, authorized Baby Tula retailers in excellent standing are qualified to have an exclusive design. Baby Tula is an international brand offering easy-to use, versatile, and long-lasting carriers. It provides a comfortable, ergonomic method of supporting the bond between caregiver and child from birth onwards.

She says, "When CEO Emporium was given sole distributorship at the start of the year, I contacted Tula with the possibility of having an exclusive print. They were very happy to make one for the Philippines.”

CEO Emporium is a mommy-owned business focused on babywearing products and accessories. It aims to spread awareness about the benefits of babywearing as well as safe babywearing practices.

Developing the product

It fell on Candy's shoulders to choose the exclusive fabric print. Though she was given references as to fabric suppliers, she found it challenging to pick one. She explains, "There were so many prints to choose from. It took me a while to choose a unique design that I really love and that reminds me of the Philippines."

The design was then forwarded to Baby Tula's headquarters for approval. Production started four months thereafter.

Sea of Dreams will be available in the Philippine market on October 16, 2016. The worldwide release follows the day after.

"This will give Filipino Tula lovers and those new to babywearing ample time to order this exclusive," Candy says.

As an extra treat, CEO Emporium will also be coming out with cloth diapers, baby clothes, and carrier accessories featuring the Sea of Dreams design.

"It is a dream come true to have this collaboration with Tula since I started carrying their products two years ago. As a Tula lover myself and as an advocate of babywearing, I feel overjoyed and fulfilled with this achievement," Candy says.

"From experience, Tula takes care and listens to their retailers and customers. That is why it is a beloved brand and I am proud to have this exclusive. I am also happy and thrilled that moms and dads would be given the chance to own a Tula Baby Carrier that was especially made for Filipinos. It is a first in the Philippines so I really hope people will love it!"

Baby Tula

Candy and her youngest with the Philippine exclusive, Sea of Dreams

For more information on Baby Tula, go to www.babytulacarriers.com

For more information on CEO Emporium, go to www.ceoemporium.com