Mom Manifesto: A Journey Into Mindfulness



The journey towards self-discovery is a most exciting one, and over the past few weeks, moms all over the metropolis have learned so much about their past, their present, and their most cherished of dreams through Mommy Mundo's Mom Manifesto Campaign.

A series of online workshops, the campaign gave moms the tools to gain a more insightful knowledge of themselves. It was designed by Michele S. Alignay, MA, Registered Guidance Counselor and Parenting, Relationship, and Family Life Specialist, and Janice Villanueva, Mommy Mundo Founder, to encourage moms to be more mindful of their thoughts and actions in order to formulate their mission in life, their Mom Manifesto.

“Striving to live consciously in the present and being more mindful about our actions, situations, and environment will not only help us to prioritize better but more importantly, remind us to experience and delight in moments big and small,” Janice says.

Michele says, “We moms need to pause and take care of ourselves in order to be mindful and find that special time for our well-being. Sit down, pause, stare into space, empty your mind, sip a good coffee, take time to be. No matter how much we love or how we are loved, taking care of ourselves is our primary responsibility!”

In the beginning, a number of moms found it challenging to find the 15 minutes it takes to finish one activity. Some said they were just so busy while others promised to find the time. Once they started doing the different activities, however, the moms got all worked up.

manifesto8-andimanzano Radio jockey, TV personality, and new mom Andi Manzano Reyes starts her Mom Manifesto journey

In her social media account, radio jockey, TV host, and new mom Andi Manzano Reyes said, “I want to be a mindful momma, so pretty excited to try this for the next five weeks!”

manifesto6 Moms get busy with their Mom Manifesto worksheets

Some moms answered the worksheets while their babies were sleeping. Others shaved a few minutes off their coffee break to make time to rediscover themselves. “This is fun,” one mom quipped. Another said that she was learning so much about herself.

manifesto4 A look into their everyday schedules: Moms sure can do so many things in a day

Sharing their posts on their social media accounts, these moms proved to be inspiring to so many others. When some moms posted their three-day schedules, others marveled at how they could get so many things done in just 24 hours.

The worksheet on “My Roots” proved to be an eye-opener as the moms analyzed and reflected on key points in their past. One mom was surprised at how her personal history shaped her, and how it might affect her child too.

manifesto12 Moms get creative for the worksheet on Interests and Goals

Apart from showing how tenacious moms are, the activities also proved their amazing creativity! The three-day work schedule, they finished with different colored markers, making for lively presentations. When it came time to process their interests and goals, the moms went all out, making drawings and illustrations which unleashed their inner artists!

manifesto7-mommymaricel Maricel Laxa Pangilinan finished all the activities in one sitting

Author, actress, and mom of five Maricel Laxa Pangilinan finished all the activities in one sitting and shared: “Jumpstarting my week by having completed my Mom Manifesto. Thank you, Mommy Mundo for beautifully putting together a project that revisits our core as mothers and allows us to put into one statement who we are, what we stand for, and how to go about our mission as moms.”

expomom-rica TV personality, blogger, and mom Rica Peralejo with Mommy Mundo Founder Janice Villanueva

Rica Peralejo went one step further, and posted her Mom Manifesto on the Mom Manifesto Wall at Expo Mom, alongside the mission declarations of her fellow moms. She shared: “Putting up my Mom Manifesto on the Expo Mom 2015 wall! It felt good to do especially the last exercise! And when I started writing the kind of mom I am and still want to be, I got overwhelmed and found that I can only resolve this by faith. Hence, my manifesto that I shall be, in summary, A MOM OF FAITH.”

manifesto14 L1010463 L1020072 The Mom Manifesto Statement Wall

Soon enough, the Mom Manifesto Statement Wall was filled with messages of joy and hope, affirmation and commitment:

“Motherhood changed me to become a better version of myself.”

“A happy mom: takes care of herself so she can give and live fully; takes the effort to give each aspect of her life the time it deserves.”

“I thought being a mom would hinder my dreams. But I was wrong. It entitled me to dream bigger.”

“Be the best mom possible.”

“Yummy Mummy, you are beautiful inside and out! You matter and count, without a doubt.”

“I am a proud stay at home SUPERMOM and STAGE MOM. My mission as a mom is to fill in the box of my children with hope, wisdom, strength, faith in God, independence, and happy childhood. Thank you Mommy Mundo for recognizing each and every mom.”

“Being a mom is very hard work but at the same time worth it.”

“Love yourself. It’s great to be a MOM!”

“To build a home that truly nurtures and is open to imagination and creativity (for our kids and kids at heart), to be God-centered.”

Moms who weren't able to participate in the online campaign got a peek into what it's all about through Expo Mom's Mom Manifesto onstage activities which included live interviews with moms and a talk on Self Care for Busy Moms by Michele.


If you want to live a more meaningful life, take a journey into mindfulness. The Mom Manifesto Campaign is still live online. Go to and take the first step towards fulfilling your life's mission!