Mom Picks at Expo Mom 2017


Expo Mom has long been a lightning rod for groundbreaking mom solutions. This year's Expo Mom #TeamMom ain't no different as a number of companies launch new products in the local market. Here are some of the most promising picks in this year's Expo Mom happening from May 5 to 7 at the Glorietta Activity Center, 10AM to 9PM. Bebear baby carrier, photo by RJ Dancel

Bebear baby carrier: China's leading baby carrier brand is now in the country. Since 2004, Bebear has been making products which offer parents quality, fashion, comfort, and happiness. Its products have passed EN Standard Certification and SGS test. For information, go to Bebear Ph on Facebook.

Bubba Doodles wearable keepsakes

Bubba Doodles wearable keepsakes: Mompreneur Karen Ayala has found a way to memorialize your children's beautiful random doodles. She makes wearable keepsakes out of them, transforming the doodles into pendants for bracelets and necklaces. For information, go to @bubbadoodles on IG

CreamHaus play mats

CreamHaus play mats: Babies spend a lot of their time on the floor, exploring the world with gusto. CreamHaus play mats make sure your baby is protected from allergens and pollutants. Trusted by moms, CreamHaus' outer cover and inner foam are made with the best, non-toxic material. Its products have passed numerous safety tests. For information, go to

Cricut craft machine

Cricut Philippines: Crafters will be happy to know that Cricut and Cuttlebug products and accessories are now available in the country. The machines currently available include the Cricut Explore Air™ 2 Mint, which is a smart cutting machine that can make projects with over 100 different materials, and the Cricut Cuttlebug, which is a die cutting and embossing machine that produces professional-looking results. For information, go to

mifold booster seats

Mifold booster seats: Ten times smaller than a regular booster seat, the mifold is a compact and portable car seat for children four years and up. Booster seats are traditionally heavy and bulky, making it a hassle to lug around on long trips. While regular booster seats raise a child upwards, mifold lowers the adult seat belt to fit the child snugly. A grab and go booster seat, the mifold can be stored practically anywhere, from the glove compartment to a child’s backpack. The mifold has passed US, EU, and CA safety regulations. For information, go to

Miracle Baby blanket

Miracle Blanket: Swaddling has many benefits including making babies sleep better and longer. Made from 100 percent high quality cotton, the Miracle Baby blanket makes baby feel warm and secure. Moms have found that the blanket has helped to stop colic, ease fussiness, and prevent facial scratches. It also makes breastfeeding so much easier. The Miracle Baby comes in a variety of designs, and one size fits babies up to 14 weeks. For information, go to

Mother's Touch all around cleaner, photo by RJ Dancel

Mother's Touch: A passion project of three women who have known each for years, Mother's Touch offers hardworking all-natural lifestyle products. Mother's Touch products use Absolutely No Heat (ANH) Virgin Coconut Oil, which has been certified organic by the USDA, Ecocert, Australian Certified Organic and Euroleaf. Its product range includes all around cleaners, fabric softeners, detergents, and baby shampoo, among others. For information, go to