Mommy Mundo's #MomManifesto Campaign: Be a Mom with a Mission


There are 24 hours in one day. Of those 24 hours, how many do you spend on your hobbies and interests? How many do you devote to taking care of yourself? How many do you allot to finishing pet projects and pursuing life goals? We venture that they're not too many. Moms naturally put everybody else's interest before their own. They take care of the children, manage the home, and nurture their relationship with their partners. They become too caught up in taking care of everybody else's needs and wants that it's not uncommon for moms to get burned out. They give so much of themselves that eventually, they find themselves weak, exhausted, depleted.

Mommy Mundo's Mom Manifesto campaign hopes to give moms a new lease on life by helping them focus on the important and discover their sense of purpose. Through a series of online workshops, each needing only 15 minutes to complete, moms are given the tools to gain a more insightful knowledge of themselves—their daily routine, family history, parenting style, goals, and interests. The workshops were designed by Michele Alignay, MA, Parenting, Relationship, and Family Life Specialist and Certified Psychologist, and Janice Villanueva, Mommy Mundo Founder.

IMG_9692 Mommy Mundo's Mom Manifesto Campaign

IMG_9704 Moms talking about their everyday routine

IMG_9731 These moms are going to take a five-week journey to mindfulness and self-discovery

The campaign also hopes to put the spotlight on mindful parenting. All too often, moms just go through their daily responsibilities as parents, homemakers, mompreneurs, or career women without finding reason nor fulfillment in their days. Being more mindful of their action will not only allow them to prioritize their tasks, it will help them find pleasure and delight in moments big and small, and focus on tasks to help them achieve the kind of life they aspire for.

By the end of the series, the participating mom will be able to come up with her own #MomManifesto, a statement of her mission in life, her goals and priorities, her hopes and dreams, her guiding statement for motherhood. The Mom Manifesto is her mommy mission come to life. It will serve as her beacon, a light to guide her through her life journey, allowing her to be mindful of her every thought and deed, making sure each contributes to her life's purpose.


IMG_9737 The Mom Manifesto workshops were designed by Michele Alignay, MA, Parenting, Relationship, and Family Life Specialist and Certified Psychologist, and Janice Villanueva, Mommy Mundo Founder.

Mommy Mundo invites you take a five-week journey of mindfulness and self-discovery. Here's how to join: * Every Friday, starting April 24, a downloadable worksheet will be posted on the Mommy Mundo website. * It will only take 15 minutes for you to complete the activity, which you can accomplish wherever you are. You will be asked to complete the assignment by Monday. * Post photos or updates of your Mom Manifesto journey on your social media accounts or share it on Mommy Mundo's Facebook page. Don't forget to include the #mommanifesto hashtag. * By sharing your journey, you will get a chance to win P10,000 worth of mom-approved and mom-tested product picks at Expo Mom, the biggest gathering of its kind showcasing the latest in family-oriented product innovations and parenting trends, which is happening at the Glorietta Activity Center from May 22 to 24, 2015. * There will be a total of five activities, with the last to be posted on May 22, 2015. * At Expo Mom, post your Mom Manifesto on the Mom Manifesto Statement Wall and join your fellow moms as you shout out your mission to the world!

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