Mommy's Birthday Wish


Moms usually go all out when it comes to their children's birthday celebrations. They plan months in advance, hire party stylists and event videographers, and invite everyone on their universe to attend. But when it comes to their own birthday celebration, some may not necessarily be inclined to throw a big party.

We asked a couple of moms how they'd like to celebrate their birthday, if time and money were no object, and found the results very refreshing.

Birthday vacation

A number actually want to celebrate their birthday by having a vacation. This is, of course, perfectly understandable as moms usually have to juggle a load of responsibilities. Having a break from her everyday routine, even for just day or two, would be a lovely way to spend her birthday.

Chats Siao, mom of three and publisher of iMom Online, says as much.

"My fantasy birthday celebration is... I am torn between a bongga shopping spree in Milan with my mom, sisters, and girlfriends and a relaxing Maldives getaway with my family. Whichever it is, there should be no cooking, driving, or any form of work involved."

Travel is big on mom's birthday agenda.

Joy Mendiola,  publisher of the blog Occasions of Joy and mom of three, shares, "I'd like to travel to Paris, Greece, France, USA , and London for my birthday month, July. I want to travel to those places to see the beauty and experience their culture, taste their food, and take a lot of photos!"

Bambi Villarojo, mom of one, wants to eat her way around the globe. She says, "I would make sure everything at home is in order then I would travel the world and eat in the best restaurants! I think that would be an amazing experience."

Birthday vacay and party too!

Kitten Laforteza wants to have an island getaway and a birthday party, too!

Her dream birthday is one grand celebration. She says, “I will divide my birthday in three parts: time for me, time with family, and time with friends, in that order."

"I would consider taking a solo vacation. It would be a great opportunity and luxury to have time for myself. I would go to a place where I know no one would be able to reach me (never mind if there's no phone signal, but cable TV would be good). Palawan would be nice. As long as the place is quiet and would take me away from the busyness of the city, of work. A little time to de-stress, get enough sleep, and think of personal goals and future plans would be good once in a while so we can come back to our families and work refreshed and with more purpose and direction."

She adds, "An island getaway for me, then a buffet dinner with family, and I'll come home to blow the candles off a cake baked by my daughter. Then I will have a big party in a big venue where all my friends from childhood, school, work, neighbors, all of them, will gather and eat and drink and sing all night. That to me would be the ideal birthday."

Giving rather than receiving

As for Fides Miravite-Reyes, mom of two, the best birthday celebration she could dream of is one where she is the giver of gifts, rather than the recipient.

She says, "I'll have a feeding program for cancer-stricken children worldwide. I'll buy each one a toy as my birthday present to them. I was inspired by Mother Teresa when she said, 'Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.' That will be my happiest birthday in my lifetime!"

How do you want to celebrate your birthday?