Mompowerment: Rache De Luna, A Creative Mompreneurship born of Passion and Purpose


Rache De Luna, Creative Boss behind The Artist Scientist

Rache de Luna is an engineer by profession. However, her heart has always been drawn towards creatives for as long as she can remember. While she chose the field of engineering as a way to establish her career, her love for design kept calling, and after her wedding she decided to heed her desire for graphic design. Rache shares, “When I got married, I rekindled my love for design and calligraphy. And it was when I gave birth that I mustered enough courage to leave my day job and pursue what my heart desires.”

Becoming an engineer laid the foundations for Rache’s journey into mompreneurship. Engineering taught her discipline and patience in handling stress at the best and worst moments. “I used to think that entrepreneurship was only for those who were born rich. I used to think I could not earn enough to pursue my art,” Rache adds. Thankfully, her adventure in pursuing her passion has proven this wrong. Today, Rache is the brilliant design mind behind local and international websites, one of which is our very own Mommy Mundo.

Rache’s gift for web and graphic design has taken the world by storm. To say she is in demand is an understatement. And she feels blessed to encounter mompowerment moments consistently through her work. “My most favorite moment is meeting fellow momprenuers and learning from them, especially when I inspire them by my work. Helping my fellow moms is the most rewarding part of pursuing my passion project, The Artist Scientist,” she adds.

Rache’s other passion project is raising her son. She wants her son to find his spark and never lose it. Like her, he might find himself limited by challenges in the future. But if he never loses sight of his vision and talent, Rache will know that she’s inspired him well.

The future looks bright for Rache as she grows her business, The Artist Scientist. She betters her craft with every design and gains impressed followers along the way. As hectic as her life is, she always has time for family.

Rache shares this inspiring message to young mompreneurs like her; “I’m a work in progress. It’s always a juggle. My advice to mompreneurs would be to just do your best, and rest assured that as long as you’re doing it for your loved ones, the challenges are all worth taking.”