#Mompowerment: Celine Gabriel Lim. From crafting brands to building her personal brand of parenting.

Celine Gabriel Lim                                                                                      PR Professional from MullenLowe Philippines, Blogger at celinegrabriel.com

The name Celine Gabriel Lim is transformative in the field of Public Relations. Having been in the PR industry since 2001, she has led brand strategies for beauty, salon, and international cosmetic brands. Today, Celine brings years of experience to MullenLowe Philippines, a cut-above-the-rest marketing communications company.

Apart from PR, there is one thing that brings a spark to Celine’s eyes. Her passion project is her blog, celinegabriel.com. “I started it three years ago as an outlet to document my IVF journey. And in the event that, maybe, If I had a baby, she would be able to read it and know everything everyone went through,” shared Celine.

In her blog post dated July 1, 2017, a few months after undergoing In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, she thanked God for the gift of infertility because it enlightened her perspective on what it really means to live and to love.

Celine uses her blog to share her story and give hope to others like her. She adds, “The blog has become so much bigger that my adventures in motherhood. Ever since I started opening up about my infertility journey, other moms undergoing the same thing write me everyday and they ask for advice. Sometimes they just want somebody to listen. Sometimes they’d tell me that looking at my daughter, Iris, gives them joy. It’s a small thing but I feel like it’s making a difference in inspiring and educating people.”


“I hope that Iris will realize that even when she was just an idea, we loved her already.”

Celine and her husband dropped everything to have Iris. It was a roller-coaster journey with so many ups and downs. But going through all those lengths just made motherhood all the more precious. “I just hope that one day, when she can understand, she will realize that, oh my gosh, they love me that much!”, Celine says. 

Indeed, there is much more Celine can conquer in the world of PR. She is no stranger to creating stories for world-renowned brands. But this time, she’s sharing her own tales of motherhood, not for business, but to be an instrument of hope and strength to many women aspiring to be mothers.